Jay Chou : Plan your visit

Legendary artist Jay Chou, so called « King of the Mandopop », will perform live at Paris La Défense Arena on Saturday 13th January. Prepare to experience an unforgettable night with the chinese pop music icon. Don’t forget to plan your visit !

Retrouvez la page en français ici !

Saturday 13 January 2024

  • 6h00 p.m : Gates opening
  • 8h00 p.m : Beginning of the show.

A waiting zone will be deployed at 11:00 am.

Read the program here !

Spot your place in the pit

  • You can get to Paris La Défense Arena by public transport, by bike or by car.
  • We advise you to use public transport!
  • We advise you to come to the venue around 5:30 pm. To ease the access to venue, security checks are not only organised by arrival order in the waiting line but also by tickets category and fluidity of the crossing at checkpoints.
  • Print out your e-ticket or make sure you have enough battery power on your phone to make it readable on the move.
  • Bring the bare minimum to avoid going to the lockers available at Paris La Défense Arena. Bags, bottles and reusable bottles, helmets, alcoolic beverages and cameras without any authorization are prohibited. (more information can be found on our prohibited items link).
  • Lightsticks are allowed on this show.

The coloured entrance indicated on your ticket (yellow, red or purple) helps you find your way around, but does not represent a compulsory passage point at the screening level. You can go directly to the entrances indicated below :

samedi 13 JANVIER

  • Entrance for the seated floor : entry 33 ;
  • Entrances for the 1st floor : entries 5, 34 & 60 ;
  • Entrances for the 4th floor : entries 8 & 56 ;
  • VIP entrances : entries 39 & 55 ;
  • Entrances for PRM/PWD : entries 38 & 56.

A medical certificate or proof of disability and an identity card are required. All the information about the reception and orientation of disabled people can be found by clicking here !


It is strongly advised to come to the concert by public transport. Find all the information on the RATP website. The RATP and the SNCF guarantee you a fast and secure access to the venue:

  • Metro: Line 1 stop La Défense
  • RER A stop La Défense – Grande Arche or stop Nanterre Préfecture
  • Tramway : T2 stop La Défense
  • TER: La Défense train station

Find all the information on the itinerary page here !


Get home safely with the Taxi and VTC terminals available around Paris La Défense Arena.

For Heetch VTC, the drop-off and pick up location are located in front of the main entrance, near the CitizenM.

For other VTCs, drop-off and pick-up points are located on Rue des Trois Fontanots.


Paris La Défense Arena is accessible by two wheels, the parking lot is located on the Nanterre side on the Nelson Mandela square. Please note that there is no security guard (we advise you to use public transport, which is very practical).


  • Coming from Versailles: take « exit 35 – Chatou / Rueil 2000 », then follow the direction of La Défense on the D991 and then the D913 – Follow the signs once on the Boulevard circulaire de la Défense
  • Coming from Saint Denis : Take  » exit 2 – Colombes/Bezons/La Garenne colombes  » – then follow La garenne Colombes on the D992 then La Défense

It is allowed to bring in :

  • A little bag or container with a capacity of less than 10L per person,
  • Lightsticks are allowed on this show.

It is forbidden to bring into the Paris La Défense Arena any object that is cumbersome or presents a danger to others or to oneself and that can be used as a projectile with malicious purposes. Here are the forbidden objects :

  • Bags and containers with a capacity of more than 10L, 
  • Plastic and reusable bottles,
  • Helmets, 
  • Alcoholic beverages, 
  • Rolling objects,
  • Cameras are prohibited without any official authorization and will be placed in lockers outside the venue.

Only the forbidden and non-dangerous objects are allowed in lockers. Containers that are of superior capacity than 40L (50x20x40) won’t be allowed in lockers nor in the venue.

You can find more information on our Tickets and Security page.

We recommend you to buy your tickets only on official authorized ticketing websites (Fnac, France Billet, Ticketmaster, Carrefour Spectacle, Paris La Défense Arena website, etc). Illegal ticket resale is a growing market, harming the public, artists and live performance professionnals. Speculation on ticket resale for astronomical prices (beyond their initial value), fake tickets, duplicates from the same ticket sold multiple times… Buying on those websites is risky; and could mean not being able to attend the show.

In France, the 12 march 2012 law forbids the ticket resale for shows without proper authorization from the producers.

Holders of disability and priority cards for the disabled will be given reserved access when they arrive at the doors of the hall. People with reduced mobility will enter through Entrance 38 and Entrance 5 for level 1 tickets and through Entrance 56 for level 4 tickets, upon presentation of a medical certificate or proof of disability and an identity card.

If you are coming from the parking lot, you can enter through entrance 5. Do not hesitate to ask the reception staff when you arrive. Spectators should always bring their card with them when they come to the Paris La Défense Arena.

A drop-off and pick-up point is available at the following address: 57 rue des longues Raies 92000 NANTERRE. For more information, click here !

Paris La Défense Arena offers you a free WIFI connection. As soon as you arrive, connect to the « ParisLaDefArena_Public » network to share your unique experience. To access the WI-FI network, it’s very simple:

  • Connect to the free WI-FI network « ParisLaDefArena_Public « .
  • Open a web page to automatically access the portal.
  • Fill in your e-mail and accept the terms of use.

A wide choice of catering is offered inside and outside the room where you can enjoy a selection of varied products and adapted to your desires of the moment: cold, hot, sweet, salty …


In the heart of Paris La Défense Arena, you will find our TOPIVO counters for your meals. Here we cook everything on the spot with fresh products chosen among the best on the market, here we make our homemade fries, toast our bread, roll our sandwich, grill our steaks, assemble our hot dog, taste our pizzas, but above all, we love our customers! Discover all the specialties of the gourmet counters here

© Appoline Cornuet
© Appoline Cornuet

In order to prepare for your way back home, here are some tips to avoid traffic jams or other inconveniences

  • If you are by car, we recommend that you follow the direction of the A86 to return to Paris or its suburbs.
  • If you are by public transport :
    • Heading to Paris : Meet at the La Défense train station (Line 1 / RER A)
    • Other directions : Go to La Défense station for lines L & Tram 2
    • If you are taking public transportation in the direction of Saint-Germain en Laye, Cergy and Poissy, you can get to the Nanterre Préfecture station and take the RER A.
  • If you are by VTC :
    • For Heetch VTC, the drop-off and pick up location are located in front of the main entrance, near the CitizenM.
    • For other VTCs, drop-off and pick-up points are located on Rue des Trois Fontanots.