Black Eyed Peas : Plan your visit

The Black Eyed Peas are back in France and Paris after a 5-year absence. They will perform an exceptional date at Paris La Défense Arena this Saturday, April 20, 2024. To make sure you can enjoy this event in the best possible conditions, here are a few key pointers to help you prepare for your visit.


  • 6:00 pm : Doors open to the general public
  • 8:00 pm : Opening act : DJ Youcef
  • 8:30 pm : Intermission
  • 9:00 pm : Black Eyed Peas show

Smile, you’re being filmed!

The whole concert is recorded.

Click here for the full concert program.

  • You can get to Paris La Défense Arena by public transport, by bike or by car.
  • We advise you to use public transportation!
  • We recommend that you arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the start of the show. For reasons of ease and fluidity of access, access to security checks is not organized solely by order of arrival of spectators in the queue, but also takes into account the ticket category and the fluidity of passage at the various points.
  • Print out your e-ticket, or make sure you have enough battery power on your phone for mobile reading.
  • In view of current events, we are tightening up access to bags on the site. Authorized bags must be less than 10L. Bags and containers, bottles, water bottles, helmets, alcoholic beverages, cameras and unauthorized cameras are prohibited (for more information, see our prohibited items link).

The colored access indicated on your ticket (yellow, red or purple) helps you to find your way around, but does not represent a compulsory passage point at the screening level. You can go directly to the entrances indicated below:


  • Entrances to the gold pit are via entrance 32;
  • Entrances to the pit are via entrance 33;
  • Entrances to level 1 will be via entrances 5, 34 & 60;
  • Entrances to level 4 will be via entrances 8, 48 & 56 (tickets indicating entrance 48 will be accepted at 56);
  • VIP access will be via entrances 21, 39 & 55;
  • Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility will be via :
    • Entrance 38 for level 1;
    • Entrance 56 for level 4.

A medical certificate or proof of disability and an identity card are essential. Click here to find all the information you need about welcoming and guiding people with disabilities!


We strongly advise you to attend the concert by public transport. For further information, visit the RATP website. RATP and SNCF guarantee fast, safe access to the venue:

  • Métro : Line 1 to La Défense
  • RER A to La Défense – Grande Arche or Nanterre Préfecture
  • Tramway : T2 to La Défense
  • TER : Gare La Défense

Find all the information on the itinerary page here!


Get home safely with the Taxi and VTC kiosks available around Paris La Défense Arena.

Drop-off and pick-up points are located on rue des Trois Fontanots.


Paris La Défense Arena is accessible by two-wheelers, and the parking lot is located on the Nanterre side of Place Nelson Mandela. Please note that there are no security guards. We advise you to use public transportaton, which is very practical.


  • From Versailles: take “exit 35 -Chatou / Rueil 2000”, then follow signs for La Défense on the D991 then the D913 – Follow signs once on the Boulevard Circulaire de la Défense.
  • From Saint Denis: Take “exit 2 – Colombes/Bezons/La Garenne Colombes” – then follow La Garenne Colombes on the D992, then La Défense.

It is forbidden to bring into the Paris La Défense Arena any dangerous or illicit object that is bulky, that could be used as a projectile, that could be a danger to spectators, visitors or artists, or that could be diverted from its intended use for malicious purposes. The following are therefore prohibited:

  • bags and containers larger than 10 liters,
  • plastic bottles/containers with a capacity of less than 50cl are allowed,
  • metal and glass container with a capacity of more than 50cl are forbidden,
  • helmets,
  • alcoholic beverages,
  • any rolling objects,
  • unauthorized cameras are prohibited and will be deposited in a locker.

Only prohibited and non-hazardous items are accepted for deposit. Containers larger than 50cm x 20cm x 40cm (40l) are not accepted for deposit or on site.

You can find more information on our Tickets and Security page.

We recommend that you buy your tickets only from authorized sales sites (Fnac, France Billet, Ticketmaster, Carrefour Spectacle, the Paris La Défense Arena website, etc.). The illicit resale of tickets via certain internet platforms has increased, harming audiences, artists and entertainment professionals alike. Speculation on tickets resold at exorbitant prices (beyond their true value), counterfeit tickets, duplicates of the same ticket resold several times… Buying on these sites carries many risks, not least that of not being able to attend the show.

In France, the law of March 12, 2012 prohibits the resale of show tickets without the show producer’s authorization.

Holders of disability and priority cards for the disabled will be granted reserved access when they arrive at the auditorium doors. People with reduced mobility will enter via Entrance 38, on presentation of a medical certificate or proof of disability and an identity card.

If you’re coming from the parking lot, you can enter via entrance 5, but don’t hesitate to call on the reception staff as soon as you arrive. Spectators should always bring their card with them when they come to the Paris La Défense Arena.

A drop-off and pick-up point is available at the following address: 57 rue des longues Raies 92000 NANTERRE. For more information, click here!

Paris La Défense Arena offers free WIFI access. As soon as you arrive, connect to the “ParisLaDefArena_Public” network to share your unique experience. Accessing the WI-FI network is easy:

  • Connect to the free WI-FI network “ParisLaDefArena_Public “.
  • Open a web page to automatically access the portal.
  • Enter your e-mail address and accept the terms of use.

A wide choice of catering is available inside and outside the hall, where you can enjoy a varied selection of products to suit your current tastes: cold, hot, sweet, savoury…


In the heart of Paris La Défense Arena, you’ll find our TOPIVO food stands. Here we cook everything on the spot with fresh produce chosen from the best on the market, we make our own fries, toast our bread, roll our sandwiches, grill our steaks, assemble our hot dogs, taste our pizzas, but above all, we love our customers! Discover all the food stands specialities here.

© Appoline Cornuet
© Appoline Cornuet

To help you prepare for your return, here are a few tips to avoid traffic jams and slowdowns:

If you are travelling by public transportation:

  • Direction Paris: Go to La Défense station (Line 1 / RER A)
  • Other directions: Meet at La Défense station for lines L & Tram 2
  • If you are taking public transport to Saint-Germain en Laye, Cergy and Poissy, you can get to Nanterre Préfecture station and take the RER A.
  • If you’re travelling by car, we recommend that you follow the signs for the A86 to get back to Nanterre.

VTC drop-off and pick-up points are located on rue des Trois Fontanots.

Safe journey back to you all.