Tickets and security

To attend a Paris La Défense Arena event, you need your e-ticket. An e-ticket is a dematerialized ticket that you must print out yourself on a blank sheet of white A4 paper, front and back, in color or black and white. The e-ticket must be presented to the venue’s access control like a conventional ticket. You can find your e-tickets in the “My orders” section of the online ticketing service.

Partially printed, damaged or illegible tickets will be considered invalid. The e-ticket can be read on another medium (phone screen, tablet, etc.), but you must ensure that you have sufficient battery power to enable reading at your entrance. If this is not the case, tickets will be considered invalid.

Warning: Do not buy an e-ticket from a stranger, at auction or on the sly in the vicinity of Paris La Défense Arena, otherwise you may not be able to attend the event.

In the event of a problem, Paris La Défense Arena and the organizers cannot be held responsible. We strongly advise you not to buy your tickets via unofficial ticketing sites, where you will pay a much higher price than the one charged and cannot be sure of receiving your tickets or gaining access to the venue.

In case of issues, Paris La Défense Arena and the organizers cannot be held accountable. We strongly advise against purchasing tickets through unofficial ticketing websites where you may pay a much higher price and you can not be certain that you will receive your tickets or that you will have access to the venue.

To avoid long queues at the entrance of the venue, we advise you to plan your arrival as early as possible. Security searches will be reinforced on event days. As a result, you may have to wait longer at the door. Please do not bring backpacks, sports bags, motorcycle helmets or other bulky items. If necessary, they will be placed in a locker close to the checkpoint.

However, bags less than 10L are accepted in the venue. Bags larger than 20L will be left in a locker close to the check-in area on the forecourt. Bags over 50L are not accepted in the locker room. Please note that suitcases are not allowed on the premises. Pre-screening points will be set up around the venue, and security checks at the doors will be reinforced and maintained even after the event has begun.

Instructions to follow

All persons entering the venue must comply with the rules and regulations in place. Find out more about the internal regulations here.

  • Facilitate search by palpation
  • Avoid bringing prohibited items, as they will be placed in the locker room (see list below).
  • Do not bring large bags.
  • All exits are final
  • Lost and found: for all requests, please go to the contact page.