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Paris La Défense Arena – 8 Rue des Sorins, 92000 Nanterre 92000 Nanterre

Paris La Défense Arena is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Unless in special cases, PRM/PWD access is at Entrance 38, in the purple sector. Feel free to contact the reception staff upon your arrival. A team from the our first-aid rescuers will assist you to your seat.

Book your dedicated PRM/PWD parking space on our partner site Yoolabox. 2 parking lots are also available: Coupole Regnault + Villon. Directly located on the Boulevard Circulaire, choose which one is more convenient for you based on where you are coming from:

  • If you are coming from Paris or the peripheral boulevard, choose the COUPOLE REGNAULT parking, 15 Square Henri Regnault, 92400 Courbevoie.

    → 18 minutes on foot
  • If you are coming from the A86 or A14, choose the VILLON parking, 47 Rue Paradis 92800 Puteaux.

    → 25 minutes on foot

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Paris La Défense Arena doesn’t recommend bringing children under the age of 4, even if accompanied, particularly due to the high volume. Some events may not be recommended or may be prohibited for children. In such cases, information will be specified on the event details.

  • Any minor under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket in the same area and will be under their responsibility.
  • Strollers are prohibited within Paris La Défense Arena.
  • **Specific conditions for Racing 92 matches:** Free admission for children under the age of 4; Entitled tickets must be collected on the day of the match at the ticket office. All children, even newborn, must in all cases have a ticket to access the venue.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed into the venue. You will find a wide range of products inside Paris La Défense Arena.

Glass bottles are prohibited regardless of size – Plastic bottles < 50 cl are accepted but caps must be removed. (Note that all bottles may be prohibited based on specific requests from the promoter – refer to the prohibited items list specific to the event.)

Unless specifically requested by public authorities or the promoter for a particular event, tickets are automatically issued in the buyer’s name and do not require filling the names of the beneficiaries. It will be possible to enter the venue even if the name on the ticket does not correspond the person arriving at the entrance.

If you’ve lost or had your tickets stolen, reach out to the customer service of the ticket distributor where you purchased the ticket. You can contact us directly at contact@client.parisladefense-arena.com, specifying the event, order number, first names and last names. Paris La Défense Arena will examine your order. If your e-ticket was purchased on our website, download it from your personal account in the section “MY ORDERS”.

Feel free to contact us through our contact page.

If you have an e-ticket, you can scan them through your smartphone. Ensure your phone has enough battery before heading to the venue for mobile scanning.

Explore special offers for events at Paris La Défense Arena, including Racing 92 matches, on our group outings page. You can contact our sales associates through our contact page.

Standard-sized external batteries are allowed in the venue. For a complete list of prohibited items, click here.

Show: You can book a ticket for a person with reduced mobility or with disabilities through our partner’s website, Yoolabox here!

Racing 92:

Say goodbye to pools, bank transfers, and tedious calculations: our new service streamlines the process. One person in the group handles the booking, and everyone can pay their share through the platform.

How does it work? When making the payment, simply choose the “shared payment” option. Enter the email addresses of your group members and provide their information. Once confirmed, we take care of the rest: “Pledg” collects the funds and sends reminders to those who have not paid. Keep in mind that your friends have a 48-hour window to pay. Your share will only be debited after the last transaction, and you will receive the tickets upon completing your payment. If your friends don’t pay their share, the total amount is debited from the main buyer after 48 hours.

How to contact my friends for payment? We send them an email containing a payment link.

How much time do my friends have to pay? Your friends have 48 hours to make their payment. If they don’t pay their share, the total amount is debited from the main buyer.

How many tickets can I buy using the “shared payment” service? There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase using this service. You can buy as many tickets as allowed by the event.

Two parking lots are available: Coupole Regnault + Villon. Located directly on the Boulevard Circulaire, choose which option is more convenient for you based on where you are coming from:

  • If you are coming from the A86 or A14, choose the VILLON parking at 47 Rue Paradis, 92800 Puteaux.
  • If you are coming from Paris or the peripheral boulevard, choose the COUPOLE REGNAULT parking at 15 Square Henri Regnault, 92400 Courbevoie.

Uncapped plastic bottles under 0.5L are allowed. However, alcoholic beverages and sandwiches are prohibited.

Security perimeter: Circulation and on-street parking are prohibited around Paris La Défense Arena. Barricades are set up before the beginning of the event. For more information, visit the Nanterre City Hall website.

  • Racing 92: You can purchase your tickets on our online ticket office, the Wagram store, or the box office open 1.5 hours before the beginning of the game on the day of the match.
  • Ticket Distributors: Francebillet, FNAC Stores, Carrefour, System U, Géant, Intermarché, francebillet.com, ticketnet, E.Leclerc Stores, Auchan, Cora, Cultura, Galeries Lafayette, ticketnet.fr, online ticketing + Fnac, France Billet, MyTicket, Digitick, and Ticketmaster.

Prohibited inside, they must be placed in the cloakroom subject to availability.

For more information, click here.

Cameras and zoom lenses are prohibited inside Paris La Défense Arena.

For more information, click here.

Camping on the exterior premises of the venue is prohibited.

  • Prohibited on the floor/pit. For other areas, access is authorized subject to presentation of an original medical certificate/official proof and a corresponding valid ID.
  • Please contact us in advance through contact page.
  • Motorcycle helmets are prohibited inside the venue and must be stored in the cloakroom free of charge, subject to available shelf space.
  • For more information, contact us.
  • Left-luggage clerks accept deposits within the limits of the locker’s capacity, and may refuse to accept deposits whose presence would be incompatible with site security. Deposited items will be systematically checked and searched by security staff in the presence of the depositors. If the customer refuses to accept this check, the deposit will be refused and access to Paris La Défense Arena will be denied.
  • Please note that suitcases or bags weighing more than 50L will not be accepted. The list of prohibited items may change depending on the event. Please check the information on the event page.

Following the latest government announcements:

  • Wearing masks is no longer mandatory inside and outside Paris La Défense Arena.
  • A vaccination pass will not be required to access the event.

For any inquiries, please contact us through the contact form. Visit the contact page by clicking here.

The e-ticket is available in your personal accountonce the order is validated or at a later date for certain events. In your personal space, under “MY ORDERS,” you can download your document and print it as many times as necessary. You can also find the invoice for your order in the “invoice” section and download it.

Tickets must be printed on a white A4 sheet scaled at 100%. Barcodes and the information must be perfectly readable. They should not be illegible, crossed out, damaged, or modified, as this may result in denied access to the venue. Reading an e-ticket on a smartphone is possible; make sure your phone has enough battery for mobile reading.

E-tickets will undergo electronic verification at the entrance of the venue. Each e-ticket can only be used once. If the same e-ticket is presented multiple times, only the first person to present it will be granted access to the event.

For more information, click here.

Firstly, check your SPAM/junk folder. Then, review your personal account under “My Orders.” If you find your tickets there, it means your order is confirmed. If not, contact us at contact@client.parisladefense-arena.com.

Reach out the nearest security agent or event staff. The found child will be taken to the main infirmary on floor level, where he will await for his guardians.

No exchange, refund, or modification can be made by Paris La Défense Arena according to our general terms of sale (except in the event of cancellation or postponement – as per the promoter’s conditions). According to the legal provisions of Article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the customer does not have the right of withdrawal for the purchase of leisure services.

There is no ticket dispenser within Paris La Défense Arena.

These items are prohibited inside the venue. Unless exceptionally authorized by the promoter, items that may impede public’s visibility or present a risk to the safety of the public, artist, or athlete may be confiscated at the entrance.

Please note: for sporting events, 1x1m flags are authorized. However, flag poles are prohibited.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact us through the contact page.

Please refer to the official ticketing website; all dates will be published when events are available. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for early notifications.

Click here to access the ticketing page.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay informed about new events at Paris La Défense Arena.

For everybody’s comfort, smoking at Paris La Défense Arena is prohibited. Not following this rule will result in expulsion from the venue. A smoking area is located at the Entrance Hall level, at Gate 33.

There are no designated seats for pregnant women; your placement depends on the ticket you purchased. If you purchased your ticket for the standing area (pit) a long time ago, please contact the ticketing service at contact@client.parisladefense-arena.com to be repositioned.

You can go to the PMR/PSH access at Entrance 38, with supporting documentation or a medical certificate and an ID card. For security reasons, the PRM/PWD doors will open a few minutes after the official opening.

Please send your requests to contact@client.parisladefense-arena.com or billetterie@racing92.fr quoting order number and relevant seating information. For easier venue entry, present yourself at the PRM/PWD entrance at Entrance 38 with supporting documentation or a medical certificate and an ID card.

A VIP offer is a package that includes a seat in the stands, catering (included or paid), and a dedicated hospitality service. It is the best way to invite your customers, reward your employees, or simply enjoy an evening filled with emotions and memories. Explore all our offerings on the lounges and suites pages.

For any inquiries, visit the contact page.

First aid stations are open during events. In case of any medical problem, approach a security agent to contact emergency services. Follow the signs in the corridors to reach the nearest medical station.

Every ticket must be readable: not crossed out/altered, unmodified, with the barcode fully visible, printed on an A4 sheet, in black/white or color.

If you are facing printing issues, download the latest version of Adobe Reader at the following link; https://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/

If your ticket is an e-ticket, it can be scanned on your smartphone. Before your visit, make sure your phone has enough battery for mobile scanning.

For any inquiries regarding lost items, please visit our contact page.

For more information on prohibited items, please click here. This is a non exhaustive list. Additional details are available on the dedicated event page.

  • Rugby Matches: 1 hour and 30 minutes before kickoff.
  • Other Events: 2 hours before the time indicated on the ticket.

For security reasons, the door opening time may be adjusted.

For events like conventions or seminars, schedules will be adapted.

Every person entering the venue must comply with the internal regulations, as well as the laws and regulations in force.

Take a look at the internal regulations here (PDF).

Paris La Défense Arena does not currently have a legal resale system. A ticket can be transferred to a third party unless an event requires beneficiary identification. A ticket cannot be resold at a price higher than its original value.

Black Market Warning: Do not buy your tickets through auctions or from unofficial vendors near Paris La Défense Arena, as you risk being unable to attend the event.

Paris La Défense Arena and the promoters cannot be held responsible. We strongly advise you to not purchase tickets through unofficial ticketing vendors, where you may pay a much higher price and have no guarantee that you will receive your tickets or be able to enter the venue.

Official Ticketing Networks:

  • Paris La Défense Arena and Racing92
  • FranceBillet Network (including Fnac, Carrefour, etc.)
  • Ticketmaster Network (including E.Leclerc, Cultura, etc.)
  • Seetickets

Refer to the General Terms and Conditions (CGV), Article 9.1.3. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to the venue to latecomers. We advise you to be at your seat at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.

A security perimeter will be set up around the venue. All individuals on-site are required to comply with security control measures (especially at the entrance), as outlined by the Vigipirate plan:

  • Pat-down by specialized agents.
  • Bag inspection conducted by security personnel.

Any individual refusing to undergo these security measures will be denied access to or be expelled from the Arena.

For more information, click here.

Each event may have its own policy regarding reduced rates. Please refer to the ticketing page of the specific event for more information.

Various itineraries are available, with the main stops being:

  • From Paris: La Défense Grande Arche (RER A, Metro Line 1, Transiliens L/U, and Tram T2)
  • From the western suburbs: Nanterre Préfecture (RER A)

Plan your itinerary and find all the information to prepare your visit by clicking here.

Paris La Défense Arena currently does not offer public visits.

A locker service is available on the forecourt before entering the venue.

Note: Prohibited items can be stored in lockers.

We recommend not to bring backpacks or sports bags. Bags under 10L are accepted in the venue. Larger bags will be placed in lockers near the security checkpoints on the forecourt. Bags over 50L are not accepted in the lockers. Suitcases are not allowed inside the venue.

A video surveillance system has been put in place to guarantee overall security. The video surveillance system at Paris La Défense Arena is legally regulated:

  • Declared to the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties).
  • Authorized by the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture. As required by law, the persons concerned (general public, employees, etc.) by this system will be informed via signs prominently displayed on the premises under video surveillance.

Paris La Défense Arena is fully equipped with Wifi. Login and password will be generated through your web browser, which will open automatically after connecting to the network.