Food service


At Paris La Défense Arena, we don’t want to be just another French sports venue and concert hall. Why should spectators in a country where gastronomy holds such a special place not be offered more quality? That’s why, we cook everything on-site with fresh ingredients selected from the best in the market. We toast our bread, make our sandwiches, grill our steaks, prepare our hot dogs, savor our pizzas, and most importantly, we love our customers!

© Apolline Cornuet
  • BAR : At the bar, you’ll find a full range of beverages, as well as our must-try Club de L’Arena – a chicken parmesan sandwich with honey mayonnaise and old-fashioned mustard. Its shape will surprise you. Warning: it is highly addictive!
  • FRIES STAND: Because a sandwich without fries is a bit like a show without an artist! Why hesitate when both are available?
  • BURGERS: A burger like you’ve never tasted before in a concert hall, with Charolais beef, a delicious sauce, matured cheddar—basically, the emblem of Paris La Défense Arena!
  • PIZZA :The famous “Regina”, as found in Naples, with its thin crust, ham, and mushrooms, will take you on a journey from the first bite! Your nose won’t deceive you either, with our wonderful pizza with burrata and truffle cream…
  • HOT-DOGS: A must try in New York, it might be the same at Paris La Défense Arena. Hurry to our hot dogs stand before it falls victim to its own success!
  • GRILL & FRIES: For barbecue lovers, in this stand, you’ll find, depending on the event, Angus beef flap, sausages, chicken wings, and much more… There’s no season at Paris La Défense Arena, especially not for grilling!