JANUARY 11, 2025

Saturday January 11, 2025 will mark an exceptional event at Paris La Défense Arena with the arrival of the famous rapper Kaaris.

Affiche concert Kaaris à paris la défense arena

On the tenth anniversary of his iconic album “Or Noir”, the multi-talented rapper promises to rock the stage in front of 40,000 fans, creating a memorable evening.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of Kaaris and discover what awaits us during this unforgettable evening.

After having SOLD OUT in 2024 two Parisian dates in a few hours, Kaaris has created a historic meeting.

The incomparable performer from Sevran will have left his mark on the minds and the French rap scene thanks to his two legendary and monstrous shows! But all this was just a taste… The 10th anniversary of his unrivaled album “OR NOIR” will continue in 2025, with a FINAL date on Saturday January 11 at Paris la Défense Arena.

Kaaris in concert in Paris, the unmissable earthquake of 2025.

A pillar of French rap

Kaaris distinguished himself on the French music scene with his emblematic album “Or Noir”, released in 2013. This album was acclaimed by both critics and the public, propelling the artist to the forefront of the French rap scene.

Or Noir stands out for its unique blend of heavy beats, raw lyrics and an aggressive rap style. Hit singles such as “Zoo”, “Binks”, “Ciroc” and “Or Noir” contributed to his fame.

Or Noir was a turning point in Kaaris’ career, cementing his reputation as a major French rap artist, and expanding his fan base through his distinctive style and catchy musical productions.

January 11, 2025 is a date not to be missed for all fans of Kaaris and French rap. Your places are available now. Do not wait any longer.