APRIL 27, 2024

With 90 days to go until the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, France Télévisions presents Aux Jeux Streamers!, a never-before-seen sports competition in which 32 personalities will go head-to-head! Join us on April 27, 2024 at 2pm at Paris La Défense Arena to witness this extraordinary event.

For a whole day, the team captains will try to lead their team to final victory! But to rise to this immense challenge, physical fitness, training and cohesion between the athletes are the only keys to final victory…

8 outstanding teams

The 8 teams include streamers and content creators adored by a whole generation, such as Domingo, Just Riadh, Charles & Mélanie, CyrilMP4, Xari and Brawks, as well as emblematic figures from France Télévisions, represented by Mohamed Bouhafsi, Laury Thilleman, Emilie Tran Nguyen and French athletes such as Marie-José Pérec and Stéphane Diagana, who will be returning to the competition for the occasion.


3 teams can reach the final podium, but only one will have the privilege of a gold medal. Who will make it out of the repechage to reach the final phase and attempt an incredible remontada?

The captains will have to be strategic, choosing the participants in the events or taking responsibility for representing their team themselves.

8 mythical Olympic sports with reworked rules will decide the 8 teams for one day in a Paris La Défense Aréna transformed into Europe’s largest sports complex for one exceptional day.

They’ll need YOU to support them!


As well as being a real sporting competition, the day will also be a real show! Olympic and Paralympic sports demonstrations, musical performances, surprise guests, athletes, former athletes and France Télévisions ambassadors will all be on hand to talk to ZeratoR, Samuel Etienne and the event commentary crew, Cécile Grès, JDG… to make this an unforgettable day!

Just one question… Which team will stand on the highest step of the podium?