combat boxe à paris la défense arena



DECEMBER 7, 2024

Get ready to experience the most anticipated Twitch event of the year! On Saturday, December 7, 2024, Paris La Défense Arena, the largest arena in Europe, will be the stage for RebeuDeter’s boxing event: DTR.

The DTR event

Since the beginning, Billy (@Rebeudeter) has been sharing his passion for English boxing with his community, driven by the desire to take on challenges and offer increasingly spectacular entertainment. Billy announced this Thursday, May 9, on his Twitch livestream, the creation of DTR, a boxing gala pitting content creators from YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram against each other.

The event is scheduled for December 7, 2024, at Paris La Défense Arena, the largest venue in Europe with a configuration planned for 35,000 spectators.

4 amateur fights and 1 professional fight

The following duos will face off during this gala:

The following duos will face off during this gala:

4 amateur fights:

  • Brawks vs ChowH1
  • Kaatsup vs Dooms 
  • Prime vs Lebouseuh
  • Djilsi vs Mastu 

1 professional fight:

  • Billy vs GregMMA

The fighters will compete according to the official rules of English boxing. There will be press conferences, weigh-ins, interviews, and spectacular entrances.

All the values of the noble art will be respected, integrating the codes of entertainment on the internet. Prior to the gala, there will be 8 months of intensive training, 3 collective training camps around the world, supervised by Brahim Asloum (Olympic Champion 2000 and WBA World Champion 2007) and the French Boxing Federation.


Billy, also known as RebeuDeter, is a multigaming streamer on Twitch. The diversity of his content has allowed him to quickly gain a large audience. Close to his community, he became known to many through the concept of “Radio Deter,” where he invited his subscribers to discuss with him and share anecdotes. His humor and ability to produce content with others have made him one of the most popular French streamers on the platform, particularly with his live streams on horror games. Now present on YouTube, he aims to develop new content exclusively for the platform.

The next event is scheduled for June 6th on Billy’s Twitch channel to announce his main event and launch ticket sales. In the meantime, you can find all the information on the official Instagram/TikTok/Discord accounts: @DTRFIGHT.